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2017 RIA Workshop

In order to comprehend Regulatory Impact Assessment (RIA) practices explained in the scope of Task 2 and observe EU best examples, RIA Workshop was conducted on March 7th. During the workshop, the fundamentals of Regulatory Impact Assessment in .. [...]


2016 France Site Visit

In order to comprehend practices explained in theoretical trainings provided within the scope of Task 1 and observe EU best regarding energy planning and energy statistics and also, site visit to France examples was conducted on November 26th-29th. .. [...]


2016 Denmark Press Trip

Press trip to Denmark was completed in order to increase Turkish journalists’ awareness about EU’s energy policies and best practices in Denmark, so that they can have a broader perspective and inform Turkish public opinion in a more efficient way. .. [...]


2016 Energy Planning Seminar (EPS)

Seminar on energy planning was realized on April 26th –29th. During the 4 days long seminar, energy planning models including demand & supply models for electricity and natural gas and also multi energy models were explained in detail. In additi.. [...]


2016 Energy Efficiency Workshop

The Workshop of European Union Energy Efficiency Regulation Alignment, was realized on January 20th. During the workshop, General EU Framework for Energy Efficiency, Directive targets regarding large emitters, transportation, and buildings were cove.. [...]


2015 Natural Gas Market Workshop

The Workshop of European Union Natural Gas Market Regulation Alignment, was realized on November 18th and 19th. During the workshop, EU Acquis and gap analysis regarding natural gas market were covered. Additionally, market, gas target model require.. [...]


2015 Electricity Workshop

The Workshop of European Union Electricity Regulation Alignment, was realized on December 15th and 16th. During the workshop, overview on legislative framework of EU Acquis on Electricity, European best practices and gap analysis results were covere.. [...]


2015 Renewable Energy Workshop

The Workshop of European Union Renewable Energy Regulation Alignment, was realized on December 1st and 2nd. During the workshop, renewable energy use in the EU, design and purpose of EU renewable energy policy, and related Directive were explained i.. [...]


Natural Gas System Training-Open Access Framework Elements

Thetraining,which the naturalgas systems and EU examples are discussed, was realized on October 27th, 2016. In the scope of the training, capacity allocation, capacity/congestion management, capacity pricing and balancing subject sweretreated. The t.. [...]